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Uses: Beams for vehicular bridges and pedestrian bridges, precast floor system for buildings, industrial warehouses and special projects. Due to its versatility it can be used as perimetral walls with great height, as well as armed ground systems for embankments in road infrastructure projects. The double T beam has an excellent resistance amd a high load capacity reaching to cover distances up to 18 meters, it is important to mention that once the element is placed it can be used as work plataform, this makes easier the construction process. These elements can be produce with diferent widths and cants and for its interior finish it offers its architectural aesthetic solution.


TYPEH max(cm)H min (cm)D max (cm)D min (cm)A (m2)
TT LIGHT SECTION85453001900.3737
TT HEAVY SECTION85453001900.4927
TT AMERICAN SECTION81453001650.4821
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