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Uses: Load walls and floor systems for houses, buildings industrial spaces and special projects, due to its versatility it can be used as perimeter walls with great height or the mechanically stabilized ground systems for embankments in road infrastructure projects.

The HOLLOWCORE SLAB ULTRA-SPAN is an element extruded prestressed that has integrated ducts in the transversal section in all its length that allow to reduce the piece weight and add thermal properties. At the same time, these ducts allow the passage of plumbing and electrical installations, including ventilation through the same elements.

The element is totally prestress, so it does not require any reinforcing steel and the prestress strands that compose the assembly are minimal. The HOLLOWCORE SLAB ULTRA-SPAN has the huge advantage of being able to be cut exactly for the finishes or a special shape when it is required, additionally it has a high resistance to fire. Also, it is very fast to mount so the use of this element reduces the time of the project.









OWN WEIGHT (kg/m2)
SLAB 15CM151204-81095233
SLAB DE 20CM201204-101306261
SLAB DE 25CM251206-121575315
SLAB DE 30CM301209-14.51679336
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