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Uses: It is used for mechanical earth systems stabilized in bridge embankments. The wall TME is a system patent by SEPSA being a technology development achievement for the company, because with this element the construction of mechanically stabilized embankments on bridges is efficient.

The general dimensions are 2.5 meters width and it can be as high as necessary. Drowned in the concrete the necessary hardware of the mechanically stabilized ground systems are found. One of the special characteristics of this element, is the one of possessing a TONGUE-AND-GROOVE JOINT in each side of every wall that help to keep the verticality and continuity between one piece and another when being assembled between each other. Also, the fines (filling material) retention is effective which is essential for the mechanically stabilized ground systems.


The main advantage of this element is that can be armed continuously because they are self-supporting. This makes possible to mount 20 walls per day, this is equal to 50 linear meters and normally they do not require extra struts because they are embedded in candlesticks that is a foundation “type”, (system own by our company).  Once the precast panels TME are vertically placed, the compaction of the embankment can be done continuously, it is only interrupted when the reinforcement layer is placed which is integrated by metal mesh or sills.


From an architectural point of view, the reticulated facade in high relief that characterizes this panel, aesthetically enhances the appearance of the work, aspect that now at days is essential specially in urban projects, fulfilling the functional, structural and aesthetic aspects.

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