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PHONE: (55) 5272-5060 / (777) 3222520 / Whatsapp: (777) 3274616 / EMAIL:sepsa@sepsacv.com.mx


Founded in 1961 Grupo Constructor Sepsa S.A. De C.V. is an enterprise  100% Mexican dedicated to the production of precast concrete elements for the constructoin industry.

At SEPSA  we strive to be at the forefront in the production processes of our products, guaranteeing the quality of our precast elements, supervicing the quality of the production precesses and verifying that all materials used acomplish the technical specifications in every project

We develop technology to solve structural problems for the construction industry. We reduce time and cost by the standardisation of precast concrete elements (Posttensioned and Pretensioned) of high quality. Our goal is to offer an integral solution to our clients by delivering services of:

  • Precast elements production (Posttensioned and Pretensioned)
  • Transportation and Mounting
  • Launched beams
  • Cranes rent
  • Mobile plant
  • Design and structural calculation

We provide services in all Mexican territory through our plants and offices located in strategic points in Mexico. Also, we offer mobile plants services for the projects that require the production of pieces in the place.


Provide solutions in construction, serving with quality and experience, while using precast elements focused in the benefit of the society.


To be the leading enterprise and institution in the construction area by using precast elements, acknowledge for the excellence and quality of their services, as well as to be part in the country’s development.



The consumer is the reason to be of the company. Our relationship with them must be of mutual satisfaction and our commitment to the market is to meet your expectations under a commercial criteria of win-win.


The company’s members in any of our areas deserve respect to his dignity, personal and professional growth opportunities and a place where he can complete himself as a person.


To preserve the environment.  To be a source of employment. Respect the custom y traditions of the habitants where we perform commercial activities.

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